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"My twin sons have been coming to Cornerstone for the past 5 years, they are now 17 years old. I recently signed them up for the Cornerstone Personal Health membership program along with their older sisters ages 20 and 21. I also became a patient of Dr. George and a member in Jan 2016. All 5 of us are now in the Personal Health program and the benefits have been immediate! This unique approach to healthcare has already made a difference in our health and reduced our insurance co-pays and deductibles.


During the first 4 months of membership we have all needed medical attention. These needs were addressed quickly and without extra trips to the office or ER. Some examples include: my daughter age 21, a recent UMASS graduate who currently lives in Amherst was able to call Dr. George, discuss her symptoms and get the medical care she needed without an unnecessary trip to the ER. My younger daughter, a college student in NYC was able to easily reach Dr. George by texting and arranging a call.


The patient portal is confidential, easy to use and allows members to email Dr. George, medical staff and office staff with non-urgent requests or questions. After office hours we can expect to receive follow-up texts or calls for urgent matters directly from Dr. George. This process is very reassuring for both Dr. and patient. Dr. George can be sure we understand and are able to follow his medical advice when we leave the office. This is especially crucial for young adults who are new to taking charge of their own healthcare and understanding insurance protocols.


(“Mom, what is a co-pay? How do I make an appointment? Did the doctor say to take this medication with food?”).


I cannot stress enough how important it is to a parent of 4 very young adults that the CPH team is available 24/7!"


~ A Cornerstone Personal Health Patient and a Mother of four in  Byfield, MA


"In my early forties I realized I spent more time worrying about how my lawn looked than my health. My wife arranged a physical at Cornerstone and with her nagging I went. I thought I would be in and out in 10 minutes with some type of prescription. Instead I spent an hour discussing short term and long term goals and how to attain them. I haven’t met them all but I will. When the chance for Cornerstone Personal Health was provided to me I realized this small investment meant long-term gains. With the cost of healthcare rising I wanted someone who was in my corner and always my advocate. While the convenience of Personal Health in today’s busy 24/7 time is a huge bonus, it was the comfort that I had a Medical practice that would be always there for me and ensure I had the best care for what may happen in the future. I owe it to my family and myself to have a Doctor in my corner first and foremost."


~ A Cornerstone Personal Health Patient ~ Father and Husband ~ Georgetown, MA

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