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“Cornerstone Personal Health - Working for you.”

Cornerstone Personal Health is where you will find a beautifully crafted space, a patient centered care team and health services optimized to care for the whole you. This innovative model will make connecting with us easy, receiving your care convenient and nurtures collaboration. Cornerstone Personal Health is designed to inspire health from a healthcare team that works for you. This is how we do it:



Wherever you live and travel we are there. 24/7 access to your physician by phone, text and email and telemedicine portal. Same day appointments. Home visits when needed.


ANECDOTE - A Cornerstone family was vacationing in Maine when their son developed an allergic response to poison ivy on his face and hands. On the way to the local emergency room with a car full of kids and luggage his mom decided to call Cornerstone. She sent photos of the rash via cell phone to Dr. George. Instead of a trip to the ER the Dad drove to the nearest pharmacy where a prescription e-prescribed by Dr George was waiting.



While most primary care practices have thousands of patients for each physician and are ruled by the red tape of insurers Cornerstone Personal Health will have limited membership.  This means we will cut the red tape, provide longer visits, immediate access, telemedicine, home visits when needed and pro active follow up on all your medical needs. We take your health and comfort personally.



Tele as in television. Yes, Cornerstone Personal Care patients will have the ultimate convenience of secure video visits with Dr. George. Keeping our promise to provide you care when and where you need it. It is that simple.



Keeping the panel size small Dr. George and his team are not only able to make good on their commitments to availability and longer visits, but to think about and act on behalf of patients in between visits. You can rest assure you are always on our radar and we are working to keep you on track toward your goals.



Cornerstone Personal Health will have number of enhanced services available including:


  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Custom Nutrition Plans
  • Functional Metabolic testing
  • Nutritional therapy and supplementation
  • Osteopathic Manipulation
  • Health Coaching
  • Priority Access to our Health and Wellness Affiliates



The Cornerstone Wellness Portal is a secure electronic link between you and your healthcare team. It offers secure messaging for clinical questions, prescription refill requests, appointment scheduling, access to your medical record information, including lab and test results, self help tools and office forms.


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Cornerstone Personal Health

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