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"Designed for you."
The Cornerstone Personal Health medical model is designed to be:


Limiting membership not only allows Dr. George and his team to increase availability and longer visits, but to think about and act on behalf of patients between visits. You can trust you are always on our radar and we are working to keep you on track toward your goals. We will help you monitor your health and keep you on track to be the healthiest you.


When we are not reaching out to you we make it easy for you to connect with Cornerstone Personal Health when you need us most. You will have the confidence you can reach us with a phone call, text message, email or tele-visit whenever or wherever you are.


Limited membership has advantages. With thousands of patients easy is hard to do.  Limited membership makes navigating the complexities of care manageable. We replace confusion with clarity and confidence. This translates into consistent, predictable and convenient care designed for you.


Everyone has preferences when it comes to receiving the service of healthcare. We will listen , review your options of care and work together to craft the best plan for you.     Dr. Papanicolaou has over 18 years experience practicing medicine on the North Shore. That translates to utilizing a network of vetted specialists of the highest quality.




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