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What makes weight loss with Dr. Papanicolaou different?

“Optimal Nutrition = Optimal Performance.”

Dr. Papanicolaou believes that nutrition is the foundation of health. Simply put you are what you eat.  When weight loss is necessary the SetPoint JumpStart program is a medically supervised, 800 calorie, VERY LOW CALORIE DIET (VLCD) designed to help you achieve more rapid initial weight loss results, while ensuring safety and adequate nutrition. To maintain your weight loss, it is essential to follow the program through the Transition and Maintenance phases and develop the skills required for lifestyle change.





Phase 1- Jump Start (800 Calories/day)

Phase 2- The Transition Phase

Phase 3- Maintenance (1,200-2000 calories/day)



The SetPoint JumpStart Program is set apart from other programs because it focuses on behavior change to maintain your goal weight for life.  This is accomplished by meeting with Dr. Papanicolaou one on one regularly to identify your habits, triggers and weight gaining behaviors.  Once identified you are given tools to avoid the triggers, change the habits, make planning an instinct and weight maintenance easy. The goal is that you just don’t lose weight, but that you learn how to eat well and improve your overall health and gain vitality.


This sounds like a lot to promise, yet the one on ones with Dr. Papanicolaou makes this easy to achieve. GET STARTED TODAY!

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